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We all know that customers should be at the center of our business. Whether you sell apparel, electronics, furniture, or something completely different, your customers have the power to make or break your business. To get an edge on the competition, you need to put the customer first. Delivering a positive experience for your customer is the best way to build a relationship with them. And better customer relationships lead to better sales.

Improve sales funnels with smart & relevant email marketing

Introducing automation to your email marketing campaigns helps your brand go the extra mile. Marketing automation can help segment your CRM into different bands, identifying people highly likely to convert versus those requiring additional information. This then leads to more a more personalized and quality journey for every person towards driving a sale. Customizing your emails for each customer introduces a positive experience where the customer identifies with your company values and feels that you understand their needs. Your customers are satisfied, they feel respected, and this builds greater brand loyalty and maximizes your profits.
For example, if someone adds something to their cart and then abandons it, sending them a small discount will encourage them over the line to purchase. Or if a customer bought a product that usually lasts 3 months, reminding them close to the end of the quarter is something they’ll appreciate. Be friendly with your customer and show them you genuinely care about their experience with your brand.

Maintain every customer’s concerns & your responses

Customers want responses and patience is no longer a virtue in the digital age. Your marketing automation system can automatically address simple concerns and for more complex questions, it can escalate it automatically to the right team to handle. You can rest assured that no complaint or feedback is falling through the cracks and that for common concerns, your response times amaze your customers. You also build up a database of concerns that you can analyze to enhance your offered services, ensuring that common concerns are addressed with future customers. The use of marketing automation leaves your manpower free to maintain human-powered live chat, email, or voice support for personal customer relationship management.

Be there for your customers during their most important moments

CRM systems give a lot of power to businesses to know their customers and collect valuable insights about them. You can learn how your customer interacts with your website and your product offerings. You can ensure you know their birthdays and their anniversaries, and surprise them on those days with not just freebies, but with a specific item that they’d been last looking at on your website, making it a much more thoughtful gift. Marketing automation plugged in with a CRM can help automate this entire process. If you use a CRM system for your offline sales team, you can keep notes from meetings and calls, so that before you meet them, you can refresh yourself. Even if you meet up again a few months down the road, they’d still be impressed by the personal details you remember about them.
Collect all the data you can to make sure you have a complete picture of all your types of customers. By defining and categorizing the groups of people you want to connect with, you can customize your marketing efforts to meet their unique needs and impress them with top-notch customer experience.

Use multiple channels to connect

Everyone has an account on social media these days, and statistics show that people spend about two hours surfing social media on a daily basis, so they’re highly likely to see an update you post. By connecting your marketing automation tool effectively to social media channels where your customers are, you can send targeted messages straight to them – whether it’s via advertising or messaging. Reaching them on channels that they’re comfortable on helps them connect and engage with your brand more. Marketing automation tools can also help you manage multiple social media channels, allowing you to post a consistent update on multiple networks that are optimized for them.

Say good-bye to uninterested contacts

Customer retention marketing can be as much about withholding messages as it can be about sending direct communications. Sometimes, customers just aren’t interested in receiving emails or other messages from you. Maybe they are already well-versed on your business and don’t need additional help resources, or perhaps they just receive too many emails. Either way, using marketing automation to manage your contacts based on their engagement and interest can be very beneficial for maintaining good customer relationships.
To achieve this, you can create a workflow that identifies contacts who have stopped engaging with your emails. Then you have two options: to move them to a separate list of unengaged contacts and create a new strategy of lighter communication with these contacts and to send unengaged contacts an email asking them whether or not they would like to continue receiving emails. This eliminates any assumption on your part. This way you will prevent customers who are sensitive to marketing messages from leaving your business.

No matter how you approach it, putting your customers at the center of your marketing strategy will help you deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel. And when the customer comes first, you’ll see the impact on your bottom line.

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