Sub-Zero & Wolf

Website development.

The customer wanted to present the Sub-Zero & Wolf portfolio through a solid and easy to manage website with a modern design. We approached a minimalist and intuitive design as a visual differentiator in the market.

To make the website easy to navigate, we focused on a good architecture and structuring information with lots of explanatory materials about each SubZero-Wolf product. The sections and categories of the website present the information from the perspective of the customer who wants to get something specific whether we are talking about refrigeration or baking.

Perceived as design emblems and performance standards, the Sub-Zero & Wolf stand out as specialists in refrigeration systems, cooking and washing dishes found in the most luxurious homes in the world. We are dedicated to helping you create a functional, flexible and beautiful kitchen – the kitchen of your dreams.

Our inspiration is people with their needs and emotions.


Web design
Web development
Modules customization
Catalog filtering system
Mobile optimization
Friendly link architecture

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