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As we audited this company, we quickly realized that this situation called for more than just Google AdWords optimizations. In addition to reaching the best audiences and driving quality traffic, there were going to be other hurdles on the road to profitability.

First was the outdated Website. When we were brought on board last year, the website was in the midst of a long overdue redesign. Conversion rate was low because people were having a hard time finding the information they needed on the website. Something needed to be done to streamline the process and increase the overall number of leads.

The second issue was the lead Quality. Increasing conversion rate and boosting lead volume were only going to be part of the battle. Each lead form that is filled out has a cost associated with it because a prepaid postage pack has to be sent to each new customer to send the used glasses in good condition. This cost makes lead quality a paramount concern when attempting to increase overall profitability. When the client came to us, they were converting sales on less than a third of all the packs they sent out.


Nesco Digital prides on using an agile methodology which makes us able to adapt to clients’ changing needs. As it became clear that quality traffic was being squandered with a confusing website and poor user experience, we knew that we needed to do something about conversion rate.

We created a new landing page to send traffic to while their main website was being redesigned. The simple and sleek design of the landing page was so effective that we boost the conversions by 15% in the first month! The landing page performed so well that, over 8 months later, we are still driving all paid traffic to this page.

In only a few short months we have seen a 49% drop in cost per conversion while the volume of total conversions has increased by more than 46%.


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