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Out first challenge was to improve the efficiency of the PPC campaigns. The existing Google AdWords campaigns were below average. Many keywords and ad groups were duplicated two or three times, the budget was mismanaged, and quality search terms were coming in at an astronomically high cost/click.

Almost everyone would assume that someone searching for “credit repair company” is much more valuable than someone searching for “how to improve my credit,” because the former is implying that they’re willing to pay for a service. However, both leads are ultimately searching for the same solution, and if we can acquire at a much cheaper cost-per-click, then both users can play a key role in our growth.


Thanks to the improved structure of the AdWords account, accurate conversion tracking, meaningful A/B testing, and effective feedback mechanisms, Nesco Digital team was able to slowly grow the number of leads over time.

We were able to help grow the brand in an unique space of credit repair and mentorship while maintaining a steady flow of one-time credit repair leads.

Thanks to the optimization of custom landing pages and other website content, we saw an increase in conversion rate of 9.9%.

The improved lead quality put fewer restraints on the break-even cost/conversion from our PPC efforts, which allowed us to experiment with new initiatives that ultimately brought in even more business. Overall, the cost/new client improved by 36%.


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