The Challenge.

Client’s service offerings were spread across five different websites with different branding. Each of those sites contained large amounts of content to be analyzed, removed or repurposed.
Because of the fragmented environment, customers of one service line were often unaware of the integrated nature of offerings. However, each service line was complex and difficult to explain.

Finally, the websites were not always set up for lead generation, lacking prominent calls to action on the homepage and elsewhere. As a result, site visitors were dropping off at high rates without engaging.



Business type


What We Did

Digital Strategy
Website Design
Website Development

Strategic Planning.

Our broad web strategy had 3 main focus areas: adapting the new brand for the web; creating a conversion funnel and defining user journey, and developing a site that integrated multiple sub-brands.

To implement this, we undertook a deep content audit of the existing sites, which helped us to ensure we had properly accounted for all content in planning and information architecture.

With a clear, practical strategy, careful planning, and thoughtful content and design, we were able to deliver a new website built for lead generation.

Creative Design.

First, we had to integrate the new elegant visual identity into the website design.

The design we developed was clean and consistent, presenting information in simple, digestible form. We spend particular attention to calling out additional or related services, as well as calls to action for the lead generation.


With a single website showing the full portfolio of services, and one unified brand, well-positioned to generate leads, boost the business, and increase visibility with prospective employees.