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Facebook Ads Campaigns.

There are 2895 million Facebook users Worldwide. You can easily find people who fit into your customer profile. You can choose the audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information.

Our clients achieve an average 44% lower CPA

What you get through Facebook Ads:

Brand awareness

Do you feel that more people should know about your brand? Us too. That’s why brand awareness campaigns are those that make you visible. With their help and ours, you position your brand in the eye of the consumer, you stand out from the competition and you promote your products or services.

Fresh Leads

Every solid business requires a relevant database, rich in information (e-mail, phone, needs etc.) about the audience segments to which to send offers, new collections or even suggest products. We can make that happen exclusively through generating leads.

Online sales

This is where the magic happens: we transform Facebook users into new customers, communicating with them directly and persuading them to buy your products.

Our workflow

for Facebook Ads campaigns


A good start is essential in any project so the first step is to take a close look at your business and at the competition. After a thorough analysis, we shape the objectives and the marketing strategy for Facebook Ads. These will be traced based on the business perspectives and specific needs of your project.



The next step is to create your Facebook Business Ads account (if it doesn’t already exist), set up the Facebook Pixel, and connect the two to your website. These will be followed by the planning and structuring of the actual campaigns.



We confirm with you the types of campaigns, targeting and other elements specific to your business niche. Only after we have your OK, we continue with the actual implementation of the campaigns, depending on the geo-location, the devices on which they will appear, the optimal time slots for displaying ads, budget, bidding strategy, and other platform-specific settings.

Each campaign contains visuals designed to respond to the type of targeted customer and the stage of purchase they are at, with copyright developed specifically for each ad, which complements the product or service to be promoted.



After we start the campaigns and depending on the budget and the strategy adopted, we optimize your ads daily or weekly to maximize their performance.

Our big advantage is that Nesco Digital is a Facebook Marketing Partner, a certified Facebook agency, so we will receive support and quick solutions from the platform’s consultants, all to get the best results.

Transparency is vital in any partnership, so you will receive a monthly report attesting to the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns. Thus, you will be able to understand and interpret the generated leads, the ROI (conversion rates) recorded, the sales reported in the platform, the number of sessions depending on the devices, and other KPIs that we achieve for you.



We believe that adaptability is essential in digital, so we’ll constantly test your ads and constantly improve them. With A / B testing, we determine how we can have a better CTR (clickthrough rate), a rising ROI (conversion rate), or a lower cost per click for you. We are constantly testing, different messages and different visuals, we are always looking for new audiences with optimal results.


Need promotion on Facebook Ads?

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