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Successful companies know designing a site isn’t just about hiring a talented graphic designer to give it an update every few years, though we recommend finding one as part of your strategy. There’s definitely, more than that; consider SEO and traffic, branding, user experience and interface as well as your analytics and sales funnel. But what does this mean and why is it vital for your business?


As one of the main ingredients for a great website, you must consider a modern, spotless and beautiful design capable of representing your brand and business. Branding plays a major role as the first interaction with your website will decide the next visits and client’s experience and journey.


SEO is essential for search visibility. Design trends come and go, but your brand and online presence last forever. It’s fine to focus on the most modern design trends but don’t ignore SEO, you will eventually have a beautiful, modern website that no one will see because they can’t find it online. However, you shouldn’t forget design. You want them to stay and be delighted once they find you. Focusing on your SEO strategy when you first think about your site will save your company a lot of frustration within the next steps. While design can be updated easily, SEO requires more and harder work to fix if you get it wrong.

The Power of Storytelling

Your brand has a story to tell. Through your brand story, you’re going to connect with your future customers and build genuine relations. They want to know what makes you special and unique, what sets you apart from competitors, and why they should pick and be loyal to you. In the nowadays complex and crowded marketplace, it’s all about perception. Your brand story should create loyalty and create meaningful bonds with your customers. A well-crafted website helps you tell that story. Having a user-friendly website that is inviting helps customers feel confident in your services so they’re more likely to reach out to you. This also increases their brand trust and likelihood for referral in the future and boost your conversion rate.

Usability and UX

You’ve got yourself with a website, but how do you get visitors to stay once they land on your site? After all, that’s what you’re looking for and bouncing is what you wish to avoid. You have only seconds to influence site visitors or they will drop off within seconds. What you need to do is to invest in user experience (UX) optimization. Manage the design of your user journey results in order to gain the visitor’s trust and ensuring user retention.
Through great UX and UI (user interface) your customers will have no reason to abandon your site and every reason to stay: information is in the best place on the site, the text is clean and everything is accessible throughout, links are working. By implementing UX, you can effectively improve how your company engages with its customers when they interact with its website via any device or application. Try implementing UX methods that suits your business needs and are ideal for your target market. The pathway to an effective user experience for your business begins by taking a comprehensive look at your own business strategy and identifying your brand clearly.


It’s important that you understand the major role and impact of web design. It’s a process that shouldn’t be treated by any means superficially. From SEO and branding to UX, UI, conversion rates and more, your site’s web design plays a massive role in your brand positioning strategy and how your brand is going to be perceived by customers and perform.

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