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Which one is the best fit?

We’ve been noticing the tendency of developing an in-house team growing over the past 2 years. More and more companies shift their attention from working with a marketing agency to creating their own in-house team. Marketers continue to be polarised on this issue. For every director who understands the value that agencies can bring, there’s another who would prefer to build and invest in internal teams.
What are the benefits of investing in internal teams in terms of productivity, results, and costs?

People engaged with the brand

It’s more than obvious that nobody will know better than yourself and your team your brand history and values and have a complete understanding of every nuance that makes your brand special. Yet, any agency truly committed to brand marketing will make it their mission to absorb your brand culture and deliver the best as long as you’ll provide clear and complete briefings and communicate.

Commitment towards reaching company goals

When something needs to get done your time is focussed 100% on helping your brand succeed. Simply because your time isn’t divided over a range of clients, each with differing priorities, challenges, and budgets. There may be agencies for which it may be harder to stay motivated and passionate about the brand after the initial hype has passed. Try finding a committed one and they’ll understand the value of relationship building and always working above and beyond to make sure you feel valued and reach your goals.

Saving the company’s money

Agency fees can seem overwhelming sometimes and it’s easy to do a quick calculation to work out how many full-time members of staff you could have on your in-house dream team if you weren’t spending the budget on the agency. But, once you acknowledge the additional costs of employing staff, and you’ve worked out how many staff you’d need to hire to cover the breadth of skills offered by a full-service agency, the ‘in-house is cheaper’ argument certainly has its flaws.

Why choosing to work with an advertising agency?

Try finding the right fit – an advertising agency who can help you exceed your KPIs
with their wide expertise. An agency with whom you can build strong working relationships based on trust, honesty and mutual respect, which is not just a marketing vendor and is ready to go battle for your company.

Creativity and fresh perspective

Let’s all admit it is quite rare to find exceptional designers and creatives in-house. Talented creatives often get bored working on just one brand and want the challenge of working on a variety of brands. Working on just one single project may stifle creativity. Agencies can provide extremely varied experiences for their creative teams, keeping them inspired and up-to-date. Same applies to the tech area. Agencies bring experience and technical expertise that in-house teams often lack. Internally managed campaigns may float down the safe communication channel that the marketing team is most comfortable with, whereas an integrated marketing agency can bring fresh thinking and new approaches. The benefit for you can be innovative and exciting campaigns that an in-house team wouldn’t have thought of.


Agency deals are often flexible to meet your needs even when the scale of advertising increases or decreases heavily. Their expertise is less tied to individual employees than yours would be if you hired a person or team in-house. Lower fixed costs and dependency on individuals equals less risk for you.


Agencies work with several customers simultaneously, which gives them knowledge and best practices across many advertisers and verticals and the possibility to leverage them in your campaigns. As businesses focussed purely on making campaigns succeed, agencies spend their time focussed on identifying what’s worked well across their entire client list, shaping, tweaking and adapting tactics and strategy to make it work even better next time around. Agency staff can focus all of their energy on keeping their marketing knowledge and skills sharp – without getting bogged down in industry admin and detail. As a client, you get the benefit of the agency’s experience and insight into what other brands are doing to succeed

Our advice

Equip your team with the right tools. Regardless of which approach you choose, even a world-class team won’t meet their true potential without the tools to match their capabilities. For the best creative route and scalability try joining forces. As a marketer pick an agency that has experience in your market and vertical, who is able to handle everything for your brand and with whom you are able to mutually agree on clear and measurable goals for the cooperation.

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