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E-commerce merchants, stay on your toes to get ahead! 3 E-commerce trends to follow in 2019

E-commerce is thriving. It’s a fact. In the coming years, we should expect to see continuing growth with more and more businesses joining the market. This, however, translates to more competition.
In order to get the best out of it and stay relevant, you need to be well-versed in the latest e-commerce trends. This means paying attention to advancements in technology and listening to your customer by never ignoring its behavior and preferences.

Trend #1: One of a kind packaging

Do not ignore it, make custom packaging as one of the differentiators that set you apart. Seeing unique packaging made shoppers more excited about the product and has earned their loyalty. In a very crowded market where the majority of businesses have pretty much the same offerings and operating models, seek unique elements that can push your business further. Customer experience is one of them, and the more you’ll delight your shoppers, the more raving customers you’ll get.
So, any e-commerce business that wants to set itself apart in 2019 should be creating custom packaging to make their brand or store more recognizable. Whether it is a catchy graphics, distinctive shape or material, win the heart of your customer with a one of a kind packaging experience.

Trend #2: Omni-Channel Personalization

Omni-channel selling will become more popular in 2019. Once again, it’s not enough to just be available on multiple channels, but how much quality you put into it.
It’s a must to provide a coherent and solid brand experience by personalizing your interactions for each customer across all channels. You might need to recognize the customer as the very same person across all your channels. This means personalization which is imperative for the success of businesses today. Otherwise, you could end up offering irrelevant experiences, which can become annoying and might put off your customers.
Focus on connecting all your channels, use predictive targeting, personalize customer interactions in real-time, optimize, try a lot of A/B testing, create strategies and stick to what help you increase your ROI.

Trend #3: Smarter & Friendlier Payment Processing

After you’ve optimized everything and reached the final step-payment, you need to make this last stage an effortless and smooth one. If you’re planning to get ahead of the competition, this is one aspect that you should not ignore in 2019. You will need to offer a smoother checkout process with an easy payment option that will ensure quick conversions.
Prevent shoppers from abandoning their cart by offering them local payment options or consolidate your payments into a single platform.


Bear in mind that the e-commerce industry is transforming dynamically every year. With the advent of AI, it’s further moving towards personalization and creating new experiences for consumers.
Through omnichannel marketing, delightful experiences and consolidation of payments, you can easily transform your e-commerce business into an effective one and get the most out of it.

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